Alex & Kayla


Sometimes our favorite part of a wedding is not the vows, or moments of love during the first dance, but rather the stories we hear. It is through the stories, that we learn about people. The frisbee story is definitely one we will remember. (Check the short video below)

A wedding is not just a celebration of love between two people, it is an opportunity for friends and family to share the love between two people.
Makeup : Lauren Smit (Make-up by Lauren)
Hair : Thelma De Klerk – Hair line Studio in Stoneridge
Decor : Cafe Fleur
Dress : Bridal Manor
Venues: Rivers Church in Sandton
Tres Jolie in Ruimsig



Natasha and Morné



The first step to planning a successful wedding is to make use of the “Three M rule”

1. Macaroons
2. Music
3. Mbonfires (The M is silent)

The wedding of Morné and Natasha delivered on all these aspects.

Oakfield farm was the location for the lovely sunny winter wedding. Make-up was done by Janell Donders Professional Makeup. Hair was done by Wedding Hair by Stacey. The sound was provided by Marco Loots. The decor was done by Selenta de Villiers. The dress came from Bride & Co.

Last but not least, we have to give a standing ovation to Camilla’s Macaroons.


Anri & Heinrich


It is easy to see why we love filming at Zakopane . Now before you say: “ahh, you say that about all your weddings”, let me explain.

Videographers are lazy* people by design. They teach us from the beginning to only press the record button once, stand back and enjoy the show. Unlike a photographer who has to press the button plenty of times while moving around.

So how does this make Zakopane one of our favorite venues? We judge a venue, not by decor or design, we judge a venue by how far we have to walk between buildings from the ceremony to reception (Lazy* people remember). This is where Zakopane shines. When entering the venue you can immediately see all the buildings in front of you – Dressing rooms, church and reception hall all close to each other. We approve.

Another top wedding tip / observation : It is awkward answering you phone while it is attached to a selfie stick.

Photography was handled effortlessly by Susan du Toit.
Make-up and hair were done stylishly by Melissa Minne Hair and makeup artist.
The sound was provided by Lourens Coetzee.
The Dress by Barbara Steyn.

*Not really that lazy. I mean we do use three cameras simultaneously, in other words, there are three buttons to press.


Jamie and Charmaine

Sometimes weddings start on time, this was not one of those times. In fact, had it not been for the dad of the bride, we might have had a night wedding.

Our journey with Jamie and Charmaine started earlier in the year when they asked us if we will do an invite video for them, and I asked him if he can ride a motorcycle.

It was our first time filming at Berlouri Farm and we enjoyed the diversity of animals on the venue.

The ceremony was held in the NG Skeerpoort church.

Photography was done by Candice Araujo Photography.

Hair & Make-up was done by Shimone Mostert from Slim hair.

The sound was provided by AMA Promotion.

They did most of the decor themselves, Flowers and lights were done by Dania Morris wedding decor.

Dress by Bella brides.

Cake by Cindy Eriksen-Miller Nice-nice cupcakes.


Chase and Dané


For me, there are few things* that make a wedding authentic. I saw one of the most telling signs in Chase. The amount of confidence he exuded when he talked about his love for Dané. I saw confidence in his eyes whenever he looked at her during the couple shoot. That kind of confidence shows me, that he must be confident about them as a couple. Nah, that kind of confidence looks good on video, that is all I care about, the video.

Avianto wedding village was the setting for this Monday wedding. We have to confess that we probably made use of their coffee shop more than we should have.

Niki M came all the way from PE to do the photography. Hair was styled by Arno Coetzee from Hair on 52. The cake was baked by The Cake Genie. The sound was provided by DJ Small Paul.



*That can’t be faked


Coenie and Ané


Diversity. It is a good personality trait to be diverse. I would say it is a trait that Coenie possess. On the one hand, he managed to rewrite our whole supplier agreement with him because it is not serious enough, on the other hand, he enjoys watching My little pony with his new wife Ané.

It was our first time visiting the Drakensberg, the scenery is simply mind blowing. Before we arrived at Champagne castle, we got to spend a night in a lovely little town called Winterton, and we even did some Geocaching at Little Switzerland.

The theme of the wedding was Harry Potter and Dinosaurs, brought together stylishly by Swinging south. The hair and make-up were done by Sioux Salon. Bridal hair piece was done by Lorean Jewellery design. Dress provided by White Lilly bridal. The cake baked by Valley Bakery. Flowers provided by Drakensberg decor and draping. Skye Music took care of the music.

Isabel Jordaan was the photographer and be sure to check out her blog post of the day.

We enjoyed the humble authenticity of the people involved, and you can see everybody that had to do a speech put some effort into it. Weddings for us are all about filming it as it happens, and this was truly one of those. We could stand back, push the button, knowing the good stuff happens naturally.


Ané and Coenie – The speech?

A moment we will surely remember. More accurately, a moment everybody will remember from the wedding of Coenie and Ané.

When the speech started we didn’t quite know what to expect as we were only told be ready to film “anything”. The speech started as normal, and we thought this was going to be another soppy bridesmaids speech. We were wrong.

Hats off to the two bridesmaids, Suen and Vanessa, that pulled this off, we salute you.

Be warned video does contain some interesting language.


Carina and Alwyn

We arrived at Tsekama Wedding venue on a rainy Saturday morning, wondering if we were going to have a soaking wet day or if the weather was going to give us a break for a while.

We met up with the photography team from Mense met gesigte and after a short discussion we knew it wouldn’t matter, we would let Carina and Alwyn stand in the rain if we had to. Nothing would stop us. – side note, they did actually stand in the rain, check the video for proof.

The hair and makeup were handled effortlessly by Eve Image. The Dress was from Bridal Manor and the suit from Black tie. Jewellery was supplied by Kathleen Barry and we loved the bow ties from FraaiMeraai. Wedding stationery was provided by Rebelove.

When you arrive at Tsekama as a supplier, you are greeted by an addictive bustle. Tsekama does the decor, the cake and they provide the DJ so there is a lot of people happily busy working and setting up for the day.

 “Ek sal als in my vermoë doen om jou verlief op my te hou.”

It was our first time working with Mense met gesigte. Although we have never worked with mense sonder gesigte, which is a bit of a oxymoron? Anyway they are cool, they gave me a lift in their Landrover for the coupleshoot.

The coupleshoot gave us a few happy surprises including a rainbow and a bokdrol spoeg competion.

“Die enigste verskil tussen Blue label en Black label is die bottel.”

At the end of the day the rain did give us a break and we managed to get a few shots in the dry aswell. But it didn’t matter, the real magic happened at a place where it seldom rains – in their harts.


We filmed a wedding with an iPhone

What happens when three wedding videographers decide to film a wedding with only iPhones? Have a look at the video and decide for yourself.



Nicholas and I had been toying with the idea to film a wedding using only iPhone for a while. I posted on our Facebook page that we are looking for a bride that is not considering a wedding video, but that would not mind if we pitched up with a few phones. Our requirements were simple, it needs to be a morning wedding because the iPhone is not very good in low light situations.

We knew we could not give any guarantees because we have never done anything like this. Excitement abounds we set off to film the wedding.

We used a total of 3 phones, with Nic and I filming throughout the day, and Marleen took care of dumping the footage and keeping the phones charged up. We have to confess that we got a few strange looks from the guests, as it was obvious that the phones were not made to fit the top-of-the-range-tripods, sliders and jibs we were using.

We hoped it would be an epic wedding with touching moments so that we could make a real emotional video. Boy did Dirk and Annuschka deliver, they brought the love in bucket loads.

After the day we delivered the footage to Andre from Motion Craft Films.He agreed to do the editing. He did a good job.

Looking back at this video three years later, yes this video was shot in May 2013, I am still proud to say we were a part of the project.