Morne and Salomé

We have been looking forward to this wedding for almost a year.

We got to visit a part of South Africa that we have never seen before.  We got to celebrate Marleen’s birthday in a small coastal town named Gordon’s bay with wine and new tattoos.  We sat next to a huge bonfire and made new friends the night before the wedding.

What I will always remember, after all was done and the cameras were put away, we got to dance with old friends.  And we danced.  I remember someone’s dad lost a shirt (thanks Errol).  My jacket is still missing.  There were a few rounds at the bar.  We sang along to some classics.  We posed for the most random photos at the photo-booth.  We smoked something (apparently it is legal), and then we danced some more.

salome en morne 2nd (130)
Photo-booth photo : Sonja – Captured Photography

Thank you Morne and Salome for inviting us into your space and allowing us to have witnessed and be a part of your wedding day.