Stephany and Herman



We were looking forward to a cold winter wedding at Shangri-La Country Hotel and Spa, but unfortunately, winter did not happen this year, so we were treated to a nice sunny day.

When they told us to stay off the abandoned train tracks on the next-door farmer’s land (because he has a gun), we immediately went there to do some shooting of our own. Turns out the farmer is either too busy to care about us, or he isn’t real, unlike the love between Herman & Stephany, which is real. (and everybody went “aaaaaaah”)
Although the marshmallows around the bonfire tasted unreally out of this world, they were also real.

Makeup was done by Mari Jacobs.
Hair styled by Rina Liebenberg.
Decor was put together by Chantel de Villiers from de Villiers blomme.
Dress designed and made by Betsie Terblanche Bekker.
Cake baked by Yvonnie Rusinga.