Dean and Marizka


On our way to one of our favorite locations, we drove past what looked to be an abandoned greenhouse. Having met Dean and Marizka, we knew they are the adventurous type, thus it was decided we would brave the broken glass and overgrown plants to do some shots between the pumpkins. This is more or less when the farmer arrived.

Moving on to Magalies sleepy river. We were greeted with some of the best autumn scenes we could have hoped for, the water was a bit cold, so no swimming this time. But at least we got to throw some leaves around.

Looking forward to shooting their wedding at Leopard lodge this Spring.


Laura and Trevor

A lot of times when we do pre wedding shoots, the couple arrive on location and are nervous as hell.

One thing we learned during this shoot – all future couples should take note – pretend you are a small black baby labrador and do what a lab would do. It really is that simple.

Luckily Laura and Trevor weren’t nervous and embraced every opportunity to interact and gave us the opportunity to get to know them before their wedding which we will capture later this year.