About us

Welcome to Pink Flower Productions

We photograph and film weddings.

About us

Bernard is the videographer.  We use the term Run & Gun videographer, but all that really means, is that he is ready to shoot anything, anytime.

Weddings tend to happen quite fast, so when doing the video you have to be able to move fast, think ahead and be prepared for anything.

Marleen is the photographer.  We use the term Ninja Photographer, but all that really means is that she is precise in her movements and directing. Stealthy when she wants to capture the moments without being seen, her eye is sharp like a ninja sword and she doesn’t miss a thing.


Some random information

We filmed our first wedding together in October 2010.  By 2011 we were doing weddings full time.

Pretoria is our home as it is a good base to travel from.  It’s also close to Muldersdrift and Hartebeespoort, the two locations where we do most of our weddings.

When we need to take a break from Gauteng weddings we prefer to do Freestate weddings.  We love cows and mielies.

On the 28th of November 2015 we filmed our 365th wedding together, which marked exactly one year worth of weddings:

1 Year = 365 days = 365 weddings.  WTF? (What the footage?)

We pride ourselves on capturing weddings authentically.  We don’t mind if there is a huge family feud or if the groom is just sweating profusely.  We capture it all. (All the good stuff too.)

It is our mission to be doing the best quality work for the best price and we make use of our extraordinary ninja skills along with high-end cameras, lenses and sunglasses.

2018 Update:

I woke up this morning and realized that I am already 30. I looked at photos from me from when I was 20 and wondered what happened to the last 10 years of my life. Did I do everything I wanted to? Did I use all my opportunities or did I try so hard to build this little business “Pink Flower Productions” that life just passed me by day by day? In 10 years time will I just feel that my best, youngest and healthiest days are in the past?

Step 1 is to stop with stupid “mediocre” shoots for friends, family and clients. If you want me or Marleen to photograph you, it will be on our terms. We do something awesome and epic and most probably outside your comfort zone, or we will not take your booking. In other words… Be warned! After almost a 1000 couple shoots and 500 weddings, we will not be doing one more same old standard family or couple shoot. It won’t be easy, sweet or fluffy. But it will be an adventure with a story that is worth more than just a photo.

Instead of telling us you want to lose weight before your wedding/shoot, let’s run a marathon together and do your shoot in the middle of the run and share your journey. Marleen called dibs on carrying the bag with the sexy outfits you’ll have to change into behind a bush and Bernard will take care of the snacks and Powerade.

Feeling sexy and confident already? Let’s find a waterfall somewhere and take a dip.

Up for a road trip? Let’s go find the snow on the Drakensberg.

Ever crashed a wedding? We neither