Dylan and Stefanie

When I heard he took a day off work to prepare his gift for her, I immediately thought that he spent five minutes to buy a gift and then spend the rest of the day playing Playstation. I was wrong.

Inside the gift box was future dated letters that she can open at specific times in her life, eg. When she leaves her current job, when she gets a new job, when they get a child, heck I am sure there is even a letter for when she paints her toe nails pink, there was just to many to even try and remember them all.

If I remember correctly there was a cellphone charger in the box, nobody explained that one to me, but I am sure there is method to the madness. My favorite among the other stuff in the box was a voucher for matching tattoos, it was extremely special to see that one guy can do so much effort for one lady.

Everybody loves original gifts, I loved seeing her reaction.

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