Esmarie and Ruan

Everybody looks at the world through their own pair of glasses. And every pair of glasses has a unique point of view. Sometimes these glasses get dirty, and you just need someone to help you wipe them clean. Sometimes these glasses fall off your face, and you need someone to help you pick them up. Sometimes you decide to get some new glasses. Sometimes you find a lost pair of glasses that were in the cupboard for so long. Where am I going with this story? Not sure, but I felt I was on a roll. Back to Esmarie and Ruan, they look at each other through glasses of love. That’s a rap. Drops mic, leaves the blog.

Makeup : Jeanri Bolleurs Make-up Artistry

Hair : Bianca van Wyk

DJ : KroPro Entertainment (Roy)

Decor : Esmarie Verwey,  ma Annelie Ehlers & pa Naas Ehlers

Dress : Rok – Annelize Dias & hiekelwerk – Elna Groothof

Cake : Basiese koek: Geraldine Damons & mooimaak van koek – Esmarie Verwey & Carina Groothof

Kerk ruiker & hand ruikers: Retha Prinsloo

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