Anri & Heinrich


It is easy to see why we love filming at Zakopane . Now before you say: “ahh, you say that about all your weddings”, let me explain.

Videographers are lazy* people by design. They teach us from the beginning to only press the record button once, stand back and enjoy the show. Unlike a photographer who has to press the button plenty of times while moving around.

So how does this make Zakopane one of our favorite venues? We judge a venue, not by decor or design, we judge a venue by how far we have to walk between buildings from the ceremony to reception (Lazy* people remember). This is where Zakopane shines. When entering the venue you can immediately see all the buildings in front of you – Dressing rooms, church and reception hall all close to each other. We approve.

Another top wedding tip / observation : It is awkward answering you phone while it is attached to a selfie stick.

Photography was handled effortlessly by Susan du Toit.
Make-up and hair were done stylishly by Melissa Minne Hair and makeup artist.
The sound was provided by Lourens Coetzee.
The Dress by Barbara Steyn.

*Not really that lazy. I mean we do use three cameras simultaneously, in other words, there are three buttons to press.

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