Cherise and John


I think, a lot of people think we work with models or trained professionals. Actually, we have never photographed a model in our lives. We only work with normal people that are simply going about their lives and want some pretty pictures of themselves.

This is also what we want to do- photograph people in a natural setting, just being themselves, none of that “look at the camera while you are cutting the cake or signing the register”. Yes, we will photograph you cutting the cake, but look at your partner, enjoy the moment together and forget about us. I promise you it will be a better photo.

Another thing I see Ninja Photographer Marleen dealing with a lot, is people feeling insecure about themselves before a shoot, saying they need to lose weight, or asking us if we can photoshop them. Yes, we can, but we won’t.

Your life is worth so much more than a photo, if you want to look thinner, lose weight. But don’t do it for the photoshoot, do it for yourself.

We want to commend Cherise for the journey that she is on, for the weight she has lost already and the guts she showed for finally getting the courage to do this shoot and being awesome at it.

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