Chase and Dané


For me, there are few things* that make a wedding authentic. I saw one of the most telling signs in Chase. The amount of confidence he exuded when he talked about his love for Dané. I saw confidence in his eyes whenever he looked at her during the couple shoot. That kind of confidence shows me, that he must be confident about them as a couple. Nah, that kind of confidence looks good on video, that is all I care about, the video.

Avianto wedding village was the setting for this Monday wedding. We have to confess that we probably made use of their coffee shop more than we should have.

Niki M came all the way from PE to do the photography. Hair was styled by Arno Coetzee from Hair on 52. The cake was baked by The Cake Genie. The sound was provided by DJ Small Paul.



*That can’t be faked

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