Carina and Alwyn

We arrived at Tsekama Wedding venue on a rainy Saturday morning, wondering if we were going to have a soaking wet day or if the weather was going to give us a break for a while.

We met up with the photography team from Mense met gesigte and after a short discussion we knew it wouldn’t matter, we would let Carina and Alwyn stand in the rain if we had to. Nothing would stop us. – side note, they did actually stand in the rain, check the video for proof.

The hair and makeup were handled effortlessly by Eve Image. The Dress was from Bridal Manor and the suit from Black tie. Jewellery was supplied by Kathleen Barry and we loved the bow ties from FraaiMeraai. Wedding stationery was provided by Rebelove.

When you arrive at Tsekama as a supplier, you are greeted by an addictive bustle. Tsekama does the decor, the cake and they provide the DJ so there is a lot of people happily busy working and setting up for the day.

 “Ek sal als in my vermoë doen om jou verlief op my te hou.”

It was our first time working with Mense met gesigte. Although we have never worked with mense sonder gesigte, which is a bit of a oxymoron? Anyway they are cool, they gave me a lift in their Landrover for the coupleshoot.

The coupleshoot gave us a few happy surprises including a rainbow and a bokdrol spoeg competion.

“Die enigste verskil tussen Blue label en Black label is die bottel.”

At the end of the day the rain did give us a break and we managed to get a few shots in the dry aswell. But it didn’t matter, the real magic happened at a place where it seldom rains – in their harts.

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