We filmed a wedding with an iPhone

What happens when three wedding videographers decide to film a wedding with only iPhones? Have a look at the video and decide for yourself.



Nicholas and I had been toying with the idea to film a wedding using only iPhone for a while. I posted on our Facebook page that we are looking for a bride that is not considering a wedding video, but that would not mind if we pitched up with a few phones. Our requirements were simple, it needs to be a morning wedding because the iPhone is not very good in low light situations.

We knew we could not give any guarantees because we have never done anything like this. Excitement abounds we set off to film the wedding.

We used a total of 3 phones, with Nic and I filming throughout the day, and Marleen took care of dumping the footage and keeping the phones charged up. We have to confess that we got a few strange looks from the guests, as it was obvious that the phones were not made to fit the top-of-the-range-tripods, sliders and jibs we were using.

We hoped it would be an epic wedding with touching moments so that we could make a real emotional video. Boy did Dirk and Annuschka deliver, they brought the love in bucket loads.

After the day we delivered the footage to Andre from Motion Craft Films.He agreed to do the editing. He did a good job.

Looking back at this video three years later, yes this video was shot in May 2013, I am still proud to say we were a part of the project.

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